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Our Services
What Can I Do For You?
  • QHHT Intern

This means I can guide you into a past life, help you get answers from your subconscious, and help you heal in ways you never thought possible. Past life regression is a deep trance state where you allow your higher self to heal, answer your deepest questions,  and remember who you are.

  • Psychic Reader/Healer/Medium

This means I allow spirit, your loved ones, your ancestors, or angels to direct me with what you need and the level at which you need to hear the message by tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum, or mediumship, or guidance so that you can heal and live your best life!

  • Guided/Yoga Meditation Facilitator

This means I can help you learn how to meditate, heal thru meditation, and help you connect to your higher self, spirit guides, past life, ancestors, or angels.

  • Astrologer

This means that I have studied astrology and can interpret your birth/natal chart. I can also give you insight into planetary energies affecting you along with moon cycles.

  • Twin Flame Specialist

This means as a Divine Feminine myself, I can assist you in becoming a whole being without the crazy obsession of the twin flame reunion and the thousands of dollars wasted trying to be in a union.

  • Ritualist

This means that I use incantations and affirmations in the form of chanting with my ancestors to move and shift energy for my clients. I do not do any work that harms or goes against a person's free will, but I will help someone who is being abused.

  • ​Spiritual Guide/Teacher

This means I can assist you in navigating through the start of your spiritual path, and career, and help get you a clear path. I also love to teach and offer many classes, from tarot, mediumship, shadow work, chakra yoga,  and more to come.

  • Dream Specialist

I can interpret dreams with my intuition and dream knowledge.

  • ​Past Life Specialist

I have been blessed to have the ability to tap into karma and past life energy and offer sessions for this.

  • Spiritual Life Coach/Mentor & Goddess Empowerment Coach

This means that I am here to assist you in your life journey, from spiritual, money making, business building, or stepping into your divine right and being. I am a motivator that knows how to come from nothing to something.

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